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EMS Suit Berkeley Heights

An Electro Muscle Stimulation Suit comprises 20 pads that send electrical currents to your muscles. This causes them to contract and expand super fast. The Shock Room Fitness EMS Suit Berkeley heights target the body's key muscle groups by using low-frequency electric i...

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Berkeley Heights EMS Suit

At Berkeley Heights, EMS Suit is mostly used by people who need quick results or Overworked people. However, it is also used by high-performance athletes and people with injuries. Are you stranded on how to continue with exercises after recovering from an injury? At Sho...

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EMS fitness Berkeley Heights

Do you want a triple workout in half the time? Then visit Shock Room Fitness, where you will be introduced to our EMS fitness Berkeley Heights trainers who will make that possible. And they will also ensure that you are not under any danger of shocks, bruising, burns...

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EMS Trainer Berkeley Heights

Like other body-building and fitness sessions, having an EMS trainer is essential. Working with an EMS trainer Berkeley Heights from Shock Room Fitness means getting personalized assistance. Your trainer is always there to make sure you don't overdo it and incorporat...

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TENS Fitness Suit Berkeley Heights

Here at Shock Room Fitness, it is common for people to ask us how TENS fitness suits Berkeley Heights work. TENS is a machine that delivers a different range of pulses to muscles and tissue meant to confuse or negate pain signals. It is also designed to release...

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EMS Wireless Suit Berkeley Heights

The first thing when you enroll with Shock Room Fitness is that our experts will guide you through the entire program and what it entails. Our staff will then suit you up and get you ready to start the workouts. We will provide you with a unique and the most su...

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EMS Trainer Berkeley Heights

As with fitness and workout programs, you will need a skilled fitness expert with expertise in the fitness field. Shock Room Fitness has the most friendly, welcoming, and dedicated trainers in Berkeley Heights and surrounding areas. If you need to start your workout ...

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TENS Gym Berkeley Heights

Most people are skeptical of trying new technologies in training. Mostly the advanced equipment and garments have putseem complex or complicated. However, with the proper guidance from experienced and skilled trainers, you don't have to worry. Visit Shock Room Fitness t...

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2 months ago
Such a great workout!!! We did it as a team- so fun! Definitely less afraid to try new things with my work family! Ty shock room team!
- Beth h
6 months ago
By far the BEST EMS fitness technology in the country, top tier trainers and a killer workout!
- Jeffrey M

Shock Room Fitness

Premium EMS Fitness in Berkeley Heights, NJ
Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a widely known physical therapy treatment. However, the system can also be used in fitness. Fitness is something that several people strive to achieve. People of all body types are usually looking to be fit, and it takes a lot of hard work. However, hard work also needs some strategies to make it effective. Having EMS fitness Berkeley Heights, NJ is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the results you are looking for.

Shock Room Fitness is an EMS fitness Berkeley Heights team. We know that hard work alone can be frustrating and show minimal results after a long time. We are a team that has studied EMS fitness Berkeley Heights extensively and learned how it could be used to help people achieve the fitness levels that they are looking for. Shock fitness is gaining popularity, and there are several services related to the field.

Shock Room Fitness provides a wide range of services. Our shock type of fitness can be used by people of all body types looking for different results. Here are some of our top services in EMS fitness Berkeley Heights.

  • Fitness – people in good shape can use EMS to increase their fitness, speed, and strength.
  • Slimming – There is a body slimming setting that enables both localized and generalized weight loss.
  • Muscle gainEMS program Berkeley Heights can be used to target type II muscle fibers helping gain muscle strength and mass.
  • Cardio – Shock fitness has a setting that helps in cardio, enhancing oxygenation and circulation in people.
  • Endurance – There are people who need endurance training. People in high endurance sports can benefit immensely from shock fitness training.

No Weights
One of the benefits of working with Shock Room Fitness as your EMS Suit Berkeley Heights is that you don't have to use weights. Using weights is ok, but those who are not looking to do so can still gain results without the use of weights. We have an effective program that will help you achieve your goal without weights.

Long-Lasting Effect
EMS trainer Berkeley Heights has a long-lasting effect. For those looking to lose weight, for instance, after one session, you can keep burning calories. The shock fitness will keep your body burning calories even when you are not working out. This is beneficial as you are able to get more results without having to struggle too much.

Fast Results
We all work out to get results. With Berkeley Heights EMS Suit, you can get results fast. Having fast results can boost morale and give you the strength to keep on working hard as you try to achieve your goals.

Free First Session
With Shock Room Fitness, you will get a session for free. The first time you join us, you will get a complimentary workout.

Start Working Out Today
It is time to embark on your journey to fitness. We are an experienced team, and we want to help you achieve all your goals. To start working out today, call us at (973) 858-5370.

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